FAQ’s from Precision Siding and Construction

What is a replacement window?

A replacement window is a new type of window that is custom built to fit within the opening of an existing window. Precision Siding and Construction offers a wide variety of styles and colors in replacement windows to help you match the interior and exterior of your home and complement the existing architectural design.

How do I know if it’s time to replace my existing windows?

Here are some signs that your old windows need to be replaced with new replacement windows:

  • Your window is difficult to open and close
  • You can feel outside air while standing near your window
  • You notice condensation or ice in between the window panes
  • You can hear your windows rattling
  • The paint on your windows is chipping
  • The temperature in your home is hard to regulate

If your windows are displaying any of the above signs, let the experts at Precision Siding and Construction replace your old, leaky windows with new energy efficient ones!

What is Soft-Coat LowE glass?

A LowE (emissivity) glass uses a coating on the inside surfaces of the glass, reflecting UV and infrared light away from the windows. This causes less furniture fading and keeps your home cooler in the summer heat and warmer in the winter keeping your energy bills lower year-round. At Precision Siding and Construction our windows come with a two or three-pane system which provides a substantial R-Value offering your home maximum energy efficiency.

Will replacement windows really pay for themselves?

Replacement windows have a great return on investment (ROI). If you select high-quality, energy-efficient windows, your windows will get a return on your investment in savings through lower heating and cooling bills. Engineered and well-built windows have been proven to lower home energy consumption by 30-40%.

What Are the Advantages of Vinyl, Aluminum or Fiberglass Windows?

Vinyl, Aluminum, or Fiberglass windows offer a number of core advantages over other materials, including:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Greater resale value
  • Less noise

Does vinyl siding require any maintenance?

No. Our vinyl siding really is maintenance-free, meaning you won’t have to paint it. It won’t fade, peel, or crack and is easily replaced if it becomes damaged by a storm. All you have to do is clean it once yearly.

Is vinyl siding durable/weather resistant?

Our vinyl siding is extremely durable and weather resistant. Vinyl siding from Precision Siding and Construction can last for 20-40 years depending on its thickness. Our vinyl siding products are resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. In fact, our vinyl siding can withstand winds up to 200 miles per hour!

Is it more expensive to install vinyl siding than it is to paint?

At first, the cost of vinyl siding is more expensive than a couple of cans of paint. However, after time, your vinyl siding will pay for itself because you won’t have to keep painting your home. You will also save many hours of labor because you won’t even have to think about painting yearly. Additionally, vinyl siding gives your home a higher re-sale value, so your investment will also result in returned benefits.

How long will vinyl siding last?

Vinyl siding durability and resistant to outside element allow it to last for as long as the home is standing. In fact, our manufacturer warranties it for a lifetime and is even transferable when you sell your house.

What are some reasons to replace my gutters?

  • Clogged or leaky gutters are one of the biggest causes of foundation problems such as basement leaks, mold . Standing water in gutters is one of the common reasons for mosquitoes breeding.
  • Old worn-out gutters are unappealing and decrease the value of your home.
  • Your old gutters are sagging, bent, dented or pulling away from your home in a manner where they are not functioning properly.
  • You want to change the color of your gutters to match your existing home exterior.
  • Your current gutter drainage is not sufficient so you want to install a larger gutter and downspout system.

If these issues are present, you need to call the experts at Precision Siding and Construction today for a free estimate on a brand new gutter system!

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