Clog-Free Gutters

Low-Maintenance Gutters that Remain Clog-Free

Science Keeping Your Gutters Clog-Free

At Precision Home Products, we carry a uniquely designed seamless gutter system that is ideal for shedding debris while still allowing a maximum flow of water into the system. The curved hood that our gutter is equipped with creates a solid barrier through which clog-causing debris cannot enter but water still makes its way in through the front faced opening. The reason this is possible is the principle of liquid adhesion. This system is effective because water molecules are attracted to the surface area of the curved hood. The attraction causes the water to adhere to the hood’s smooth surface and the rounded curvature toward the front doesn’t interrupt the flow of water so it continues to adhere until it reaches the breaking point inside of the gutter. A standard example of this process is when water flows over the side of a glass. The water rolls over the glass and adheres to its sides as it gently flows down until it meets the breaking point at the bottom.

The Physics of Gutter Protection

The reason our seamless gutters are able to maintain the principle of liquid adhesion is because the molecules of water are attracted to the surface of our gutter’s the curved hood. The attraction results in the water adhering to the smooth, curved surface area. From there, the water is able to flow gently into the gutter trough. The smooth curvature of the face of the cover completes the process since it’s not a sharp corner would disrupt the adhesion and force the water to run off into the yard of your home.

Keep Your Gutters Free of Debris

The beauty of our seamless gutters is that they do more than just redirect water away from your home. They also remove the painstaking task of constantly cleaning out gutter gunk to make your lifestyle easier and far more convenient. The curved hood sheds common debris harmlessly to the ground to keep your clog-free. The principle of liquid adhesion ensures that rainwater will continue to flow around the curved hood and into the front facing entrance, even during a complete downpour. Keep your home protected with the physics of liquid adhesion when you invest in our seamless gutters. For your free consultation, contact us today and ensure you never have to suffer through cleaning out your gutters ever again!

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