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Doors do more for your home than other standard home improvement products in that they serve multiple purposes that are absolutely necessary. They provide your home with greater beauty and energy efficiency, but their most important role is security. At Precision Home Products, we have several security door options, including steel and fiberglass. Each of these material are known for their high durability and strength. Best of all, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for security since both of the options are available in multiple customizable colors that can complement or match the existing beauty of your home.

In addition to these wonderful security door options, we also have storm doors. This door type plays a few roles, including serving as an extra barrier through which any would-be intruders must navigate. They are also great for complementing the beauty of your primary entry door and protecting it from the hazards of severe weather and day-to-day impacts. Our storm doors are available in a number of layouts and options, including half-glass and full glass. Additionally, they have optional screens that are great increasing ventilation and natural airflow into your home.

Features & Benefits of Storm & Security Doors:

  • Strength & Durability: Our security doors are available in steel and fiberglass, two materials that are highly regarded for their impressive strength. Furthermore, their lasting durability can be exhibited in their ability to weather even the strongest of storms and still last for several years.
  • Increased Beauty: Each of these door types are available in several custom colors and styles to make them capable of matching or complementing the look and architecture of any home. Our storm doors are meant to enhance the aesthetic appeal of front entry doors and are available in half or full glass styles that can provide wonderful views of your outdoor area.
  • Energy Efficiency: The addition of a storm door creates an extra barrier through which heat must transfer before negatively impacting your home. Meanwhile, steel doors are designed to be highly energy efficient as they are equipped with an inner layer of foam that acts as an insulator to reduce heat transfer.
  • Low-Maintenance: Both of these door types are exceptionally easy to maintain, especially our steel doors since their increased strength makes them highly resistant to dents, scratches, and other common issues of wear and tear.

Increase Security with New Door Installations

With a new door installation from our professional installers, you receive more than just a beautiful new door. You also receive greater peace of mind with regards to security. Our storm and security doors increase the strength and durability that any would be intruder would have to face before entering your home. Furthermore, we have several locking options that compound the amount of security provided by these beautiful doors. Feel safer in your home when you have one or both of these wonderful door types installed. Learn more by contacting us today and setting up your free consultation!

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