Window Styles

Multiple Windows Styles to Enhance Curb Appeal

Replacement Windows to Match Your Home’s Style

When you replace the windows of your home, you get to get to create a brand new look for it with a beautiful new set of window styles. At Precision Home Products, our gorgeous assortment of replacement window styles come from American Classic, one of the premier window manufacturers in the industry. Not only are the styles we offer absolutely beautiful, they are also highly energy efficient, especially with our triple-pane option. We want to make sure that you’re able to find the best window style(s) for your home. The massive selection we offer includes the elegant styles of bow and bay, as well as the highly popular double-hung, and many others.

Popular Replacement Window Styles

  • Awning Windows: The awning window style has the unique functionality of opening on hinges placed horizontally along the top of the frame. When open, they form an awning-like structure with the sash. This makes them great for leaving open during light, rainy weather.
  • Casement Windows: Windows of this style swing open similarly to a door, making them great for ventilation, especially on spring days. The hand crank, by which they operate, makes it so a tighter seal can be formed between the sash and frame when the window is closed.
  • Double-Hung Windows: One of the most popular window styles in the industry, double-hung windows feature tilt-in operability of the top and bottom sash. The tilt-in feature makes double-hung windows exceptionally easy to clean. Furthermore, both sashes can slide open vertically to give you two points of ventilation.
  • Slider Windows: A slider window is unique in its operation as it slides open horizontally on a reinforced railing system like those of sliding patio doors. The horizontal functionality makes slider windows perfect for areas in your home in which there is limited range for vertical motion.
  • Bow & Bay Windows: Bow and bay windows add a visually impressive aspect to the curb appeal of any home. This is due to their grander size and unique design that is made created because each window is composed of multiple smaller windows. They are affixed together in such a way that they extend beyond the side of the home.
  • Picture Windows: The sole purpose of picture windows is to provide exquisite views of your outdoor area. This means they are inoperable, which greatly reduces the chance of air and energy loss through the construction.

Customization of Style with Replacement Windows

In addition to the multiple styles we have available at Precision Home Products, there are several color options, grille patterns, window material types, and hardware options from which you can choose. These options make it so your new replacement windows can be tailored to perfectly meet your exact design specifications. Create a wonderful new beauty for your home by contacting us today for your free consultation! Be sure to ask about the energy-saving options we carry, including our triple-pane American Classic windows.

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