Insulated Vinyl Siding

Upgrade Energy Efficiency with Replacement Siding

Energy-Saving Insulated Vinyl Siding for Your Home

Start enjoying a more comfortable home throughout the entire year with our beautiful variety of American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding. The siding we carry at Precision Home Products is a premier energy-saving product designed to help keep your home cooler in the summer months and warmer during the winter. It’s innovative integration of insulated foam backing helps prevent energy loss through the entire wall system, where as other hollow-back siding relies only on the insulation installed between wall studs. Siding equipped with insulated foam backing eliminates this issue and combines with the energy-saving capacity of the standard insulation between wall studs. This creates a two-fold system in which heat transfer is slowed by the foam backing and wall insulation. Furthermore, insulating foam also reduces air leakage to protect against heat transfer via convection.

Features & Benefits of Insulated Siding:

  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: The curb appeal of your home will instantly be enhanced the moment your new siding is installed. Our American Classic® siding resembles the look of real cedar to provide your home with the natural look of traditional wood.
  • Increased Energy Efficiency: Insulated vinyl siding was specifically designed to succeed where hollow-back siding fails. The foam backing creates an extra layer of protection against the heat transfer processes of conduction and convection.
  • Strength & Durability: The insulated vinyl siding we carry provides your home with exceptional strength and durability as it’s resistant to natural impacts, dents, scratches, and other damages. Furthermore, our panels use a unique installation technique that calls for a reverse rolled-over nailing hem and panel locking system so they can withstand hurricane force winds.
  • Multiple Styles & Color: We have several colors and accent styles from which you can choose, including hand-split shingle rounds, fishscales, shakes, and more. Additionally, our premium colors are equipped with ColorHold® technology that helps prevent fading over the years.

Low-Maintenance Freedom with Vinyl Siding

Our American Classic® Vinyl Siding is designed to be low-maintenance for your convenience. This means that once you have our vinyl siding installed on your home, you’ll never have to worry with painting or scraping siding ever again. The secret behind this outstanding low-maintenance quality is that the color is ingrained directly into the siding, which means it won’t peel, chip, or flake off. Furthermore, cleaning vinyl siding requires little more than a quick spray with your garden hose. Learn more about keeping your home energy efficient and beautiful with our gorgeous variety of replacement siding by contacting us and setting up your free consultation today!

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