Popularity of Insulated Vinyl Siding

The Popularity of Insulated Vinyl Siding

Classic Beauty & Modern Energy Efficiency

With our American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding, your home can enjoy the traditional beauty of wood and modern energy efficiency. The polyvinyl chloride resin mixed with the other compositional ingredients create a beautifully textured siding that is very low-maintenance. Combine that with the insulated foam backing technology that is permanently fused to the panel and you receive a wonderful construct that increases the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home while reducing the amount of time you use to maintain it. It’s these combined qualities that have made the insulated vinyl siding we carry at Precision Home Products one of the most popular siding varieties currently on the market. Our siding is further popularized due to the amount of options that are available with it. These options include multiple colors, trim, accessories, and styles with which you can create a wonderful new style for your home.

Why Insulated Vinyl is the Right Choice

Insulated vinyl siding brings a wealth of benefits to your home, including an upgraded exterior and greater energy efficiency. Where hollow-back siding fails to provide the necessary protection from conduction and convection, our insulated siding will succeed. The extra barrier created by the foam backing provides an extra layer through which heat must transfer before entering or exiting your home. It also gives the siding a more rigid and filled out form to make it far more aesthetically pleasing. In addition to these great qualities, the insulating foam also adds to the impact and noise resistance of the siding. Overall, insulated vinyl siding greatly outperforms hollow-back siding in nearly every way. Furthermore, the qualities of low-maintenance and affordability make it a more viable option than wood, aluminum, or fiber-cement.

Vinyl Siding Installation & Expertise

The representatives we employ at Precision Home Products have years of experience in dealing with home remodeling services and products, including that of replacement siding. It’s our expertise and knowledge that have led us to carrying one of the highest quality brands of vinyl siding in the industry. Our representatives will answer any questions you may have regarding your siding choices and installation process. Furthermore, our installers are expertly trained to perform flawless siding installations that won’t buckle or leave any room for gaps through which moisture can enter. When the time for replacement siding arrives, make sure you turn to professionals you can trust. Contact us today to learn more about our siding services and how we can improve your home.

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