Siding Accents & Trim Options

Siding Variety in Style & Customizable Accessories

Create a New Look for Your Home

Giving your home a beautiful new look can be as easy as replacing its siding and siding accessories. At Precision Home Products, we carry the beautiful American Classic Vinyl Siding that comes in a variety of colors and with several stylish accessories. Our siding experts can walk you through each of our options to help you decide on the perfect way to revamp the look of your home. In addition to a fantastic new look, your home will also benefit from the insulated foam backing that’s fused to the back of the panels. This foam backing works effectively to reduce the amount of heat transfer that takes place in your home.

Siding Styles & Finishing Touches:

  • Traditional & Vertical: Our siding styles primarily consist of traditional lap or vertical board and batten. The style you choose can convey quite a bit about the architecture and personality of your home. The board and batten style can also be used as an accent that draws extra attention to one particular section.
  • Hand-Split Shingles: Our selection of hand-split shingles includes rounds, fishscales, shingle, perfection shingle, shake, and staggered shakes. Hand-split shingles are great for accenting certain areas of your home’s exterior and can even be used on as the primary siding style.
  • Soffit & Fascia Options: Finishing touches like the soffit and fascia are often overlooked when homeowners replace their siding, which is rather unfortunate. Our selection regarding the soffit and fascia is designed to give homeowners the opportunity complete the look of their siding installation with contrasting or matching accents.
  • Shutters & Lineals: Among the many finishing options we have for siding replacement is our selection of louvered or raised shutter panels and fluted lineals. These draw extra attention to the beautiful points of entry on your home to complete a cohesive look for its exterior.
  • Porch Panel Beauty: An often overlooked area is the porch ceiling. This area is important because if it’s not properly coordinated with the rest of your home, then you are left with an odd remnant of what a style you’re no longer utilizing. Make sure you touch up this area of your home with our beaded porch panel that is available in several colors.

Design Expertise & Siding Accessories

Replacing the siding of your home can be a rather involved process, especially if you choose low-quality siding installers. Fortunately, our experts here at Precision Home Products will help you every step of the way. The expertise we provide will ensure that you make the proper choice for your replacement siding. Furthermore, we make sure that not a single step is missed so that the finished product is a cohesive look that creates a masterful design for the entire exterior of your home. We pay attention to details like the soffit, fascia, porch ceiling, and architecture. Transform your home into and masterpiece with our siding expertise. Get started today by contacting us for and scheduling your free consultation!

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