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Siding Built for Outstanding Performance

Increase Energy Performance & Protection with Siding

The American Classic Insulated Vinyl Siding we carry here at Precision Home Products is designed to increase the beauty and efficiency of homes in and surrounding areas. By fusing an insulating foam to the back of the panel, we have created a siding that works with your home’s existing insulation to help protect it from various forms of heat transfer. In addition to its insulating effects, the foam backing also increases the stability, rigidity, and impact resistance of the siding. These qualities go a long way with regards to providing your home with a more protective exterior layer. Furthermore the polyvinyl chloride resins and other materials that makeup our vinyl siding perform wonderfully against general weathering so that your new siding will last well into the future.

Vinyl Siding Strength & Durability Explained:

  • Panel Design & Locking System: The panel design uses a reverse rolled-over nailing them technique and a unique panel locking system that holds the siding securely to the side of your home. Our American Classic siding has proven capable of withstanding hurricane force winds.
  • Heavy-Gauge & Foam Backing: Our siding using heavy-gauge vinyl and extra thick foam backing to improve rigidity, impact resistance, and noise reduction. These qualities make it highly durable and able to withstand everyday impacts.
  • Permeability: The permeability of our insulated foam backing allows for greater ventilation, meaning that water vapor won’t get trapped in the interior wall cavities. This dramatically reduces any chances of dry-rot, structural damage, and mold and mildew growth.
  • ColorHold® Technology: By equipping your new siding with ColorHold® technology, the color ingrained in the panel will resist fading for far longer. This means that your siding will remain beautiful and vibrant for years to come.
  • Preventol® Preservative: Our insulated siding system is equipped with Preventol®, which is an EPA registered additive that is applied to the surface of the foam backing to make the siding resistant to infestation from insects and other pests.

Replacement Siding with Proven Reliability

The superior construction of our American Classic® siding gives homeowner the protection and high performance needed for their homes. Our representatives are well-versed in the details of all of our home remodeling products and our replacement siding is no exception. The installers we employ have years of experience in the industry and are renowned for their ability to perform flawless installations that leave no room for buckling or gaps. Additionally, our siding comes with a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty so you can have confidence in your new installation. Let us help you find the perfect siding for your home today when you contact us and set up your free consultation.

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