Who Doesn’t like Extra Space and the Great Outdoors Minus the Bugs?

There are so many reasons why homeowners fall in love with garden windows. This particular window projects out to backyard, making your space appear larger. These windows are great because they give you so much shelf space, as they have four glass panes—one on each side, one in the front, and a slanted pane on top. Depending on the size, it can have one shelf or multiple shelves. Garden windows are usually like mini green houses. You can even grow flowers, vegetables and herbs. Many homeowners use them to display vases or other common home accessories. Usually garden windows are placed over the kitchen sink, but can really be anywhere that gets good light that is easy to access.

If you crave extra light this is a great window choice for you. Garden windows are essential provisions to extra light and fresh air.  Normally, they open on the sides by turning a handle which also allows an abundance of air flow. If you love the great outdoors but not all the bugs that go along with it, look no further.

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