You Must Choose a Company with Top Notch Windows & Top Notch Installers

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times. If you have old and leaky windows you absolutely need to update them. If you don’t you are dealing with a hot house in the summer and a cold house in the winter. No matter how high you crank the heat and air. The reason is that your old windows are not energy efficient. They cannot keep your expensive heat or cool air inside, so it escapes outside. Many homeowners  put off new energy efficient windows because they think it’s going to be this big confusing process and so, so expensive. Here at Precision Siding and Construction of Denver, Colorado we take the confusion out for you. All of our windows are the highest quality in the industry,  energy efficient and fairly priced. We agree that new windows are definitely an investment, but one of the smartest investments you can make! Did you know that you can expect to get back about 80% of your investment? Overtime, you’ll save so much on your energy bills, your new windows will have paid for themselves. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Whatever you do, don’t fall for the cheapest windows you can find and don’t choose a company with inexperienced installers!  Half the work is choosing which windows are right for you. (Make sure they are energy efficient.) But aside from choosing your windows you also have to choose a quality company with top notch installers who are experts at their craft. If you don’t choose a company that specializes in replacement window installation you will not get a job well done. Your windows will look beautiful for about a year but after a year you will start to notice the gaps and drafts that come along with it. That means you may have purchased energy efficient windows but the poor replacement window installation is not allowing them to be energy efficient. So basically, you may as well have held onto your old and leaky windows! Not smart!

Here at Precision, our installers go through extensive training and have been installing with us for years! Hands down, they offer the BEST replacement window installation in the business. Our professional installers will make sure you have a trouble free operation, and that they are sealed tight!  They are all built to keep the heat out in the summer and keep the cold out in the winter.  Our American Classic Windows are available in two or three pane systems that provide a substantial R-Value. These are vinyl windows, insulated for maximum energy efficiency. So again, Precision makes window shopping easy! We have the highest quality, energy efficient windows and the BEST installers in the business. Whatever you do, don’t settle for one or the other!

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