Get an EXTREMELY Energy Efficient Window that Never Goes out of Style

It amazes men when I visit friends and see that they have old and leaky windows. Homeowners spend so much time and energy on making sure they have the right paint color on the walls but when it comes to their windows they are dropping the ball. I’m not just talking about the aesthetics of old windows but what holding onto old windows does to your pocketbook. The bottom line is that they are not energy efficient so no matter how low you set your AC, your house is still warm. The same is true in the winter only your heated air is flying out the window and your house is cold! Home improvement experts say whether you’re replacing the old windows in your home or building a new home, you’ll benefit from installing energy efficient windows.

Here at Precision Siding and Construction of Denver, Colorado our American Classic Windows are not only high quality but extremely energy efficient. We are proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. Our beautiful windows are available in two or three pane systems that provide a substantial R-Value. These are vinyl windows, insulated for maximum energy efficiency to save money on your energy bills, even in the harshest climates. So by now you know you need to update your inefficient windows. With that being said, there are many choices to be considered. If you are after traditional style that never goes out of style, our Double Hung  Windows are extremely popular. Our Double hung windows are designed to open from the top or the bottom. The top sash slides down and the lower sash slides up. Single hung windows look similar, but only the lower sash opens.

Our satisfied customers tell us one of their favorite features of our Double Hung Windows is that they are super easy to clean!  Both the upper and lower sashes tilt in. This means that you can clean the outsides of upper story windows from the inside, eliminating the need to hassle with ladders, scaffolding, or long-handled tools.

We know that buying new replacement windows is a big investment. We want to make the process as simple as possible which is why all of our windows no matter the style are energy efficient. Plus, with Precision, you will always get a high quality product at fair and honest prices. Always.

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