If your Siding is NOT Installed WELL, You Will Have Problems

If the thought of having to climb a ladder and paint your house every few years doesn’t sit well with you then you should really consider a high quality vinyl siding.  Here at Precision Siding & Construction of Denver, Colorado, we only put our name on the best.  You can ditch that paint brush and ladder because with our American Classic Premium Vinyl Siding, you will never have to paint your house again.

Our product is top notch for a variety of reasons including the fact that it is fused with contoured insulating foam for the look and feel of solid wood. Ordinary conventional siding has no support and doesn ’t do a very good job of keeping out the weather. American Classic Premium Vinyl Siding has one inch plus of contoured foam insulation fused to the back for added strength, durability and energy savings. It’s also 300% more impact resistant than ordinary siding. Furthermore, it’s been lab tested and has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. Superior R-values and air infiltration ratings make the American Classic Super Premium Vinyl Siding a solid choice for a maintenance-free exterior!

What makes Precision such a top notch company is that aside from offering quality products we also believe that vinyl siding installation is crucial to getting a job well done. Vinyl siding installation is important to get siding that is airtight, with no gaps or leaks. Here at Precision, we get calls all the time from homeowners who have saggy siding. They hired a company who doesn’t invest in their vinyl siding installers. Our guys have been with us for years and are excellent at what they do! Choose a company with experienced installers and your home will look great for years! Otherwise your vinyl siding installation may look nice for a year or so, but the vinyl will start to sag and not only look awful, but be less energy efficient!

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