Make a Smart Investment & Get the Prettiest House on the Block

Years ago, siding was a completely different product than it is today. I’m talking about in my parents era. There was really only a few color choices and aside from that it was not energy efficient. Not the case anymore. High quality vinyl siding is not only energy efficient it is extremely durable and is available in several color choices and styles.  If you cringe at the thought of having to paint your house every few years, then today’s vinyl siding is a great choice for you! Precision Siding and Construction is proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. Our business philosophy is simple.  We offer the highest quality products including our American Classic Premium Vinyl Siding and we price it fairly and honestly.

Our product is a smart investment for several reasons. It lowers yearly upkeep and maintenance costs, increases energy efficiency and it can even increase the value of your home.  The important thing to remember when considering siding is that NOT all products are the same. Our American Classic Premium Vinyl Siding product is TOP NOTCH. It is fused with contoured insulating foam for the look and feel of solid wood. Ordinary conventional siding has no support and doesn’t do a very good job of keeping out the weather.

Precision’s American Classic Premium Vinyl Siding has one inch plus of contoured foam insulation fused to the back for added strength, durability and energy savings. Don’t fall for the cheapest siding you can find. You get what you pay for! Ours is 300% more impact resistant than ordinary siding. Furthermore, it’s been lab tested and has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal. Superior R-values and air infiltration ratings make our product the best choice for a maintenance-free exterior! Many of our satisfied customers tell us they’re only regret is that they waited so long to make the investment. Many say, not a day goes by that one of they’re friends or neighbors isn’t complimenting them on the exterior of their home. Plus, they love how much they’re energy bills have gone down. Now, that’s a smart investment!

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