Precision EXCELS at Window Installation

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard that energy efficient windows are an extremely smart investment. Expect to get back around 80% of your investment. Not bad! Here at Precision Siding and Construction, we believe that it’s extremely important to choose energy efficient windows but to also choose a reputable company that excels at window installation. Why is window installation so important? Isn’t it just good enough to pick out good, quality windows? No! No! No! IF you don’t choose a company with a stellar reputation and who excels at the art of window installation you will have a HUGE problem on your hands! Your windows that you invested in may look pretty but they are not able to do their jobs and be energy efficient.

Windows will look good for a few months maybe even a year. However, when your energy bills start arriving you will have a major problem. The problem is that your new investment was not properly installed. Because your window installation was poorly done, you will have gaps and leaks. This is not how we do business here at Precision. Our installers have been with us for years and we think they are some of the BEST in the industry when it comes to the installation process.

The Precision difference is clear. We offer the highest quality products at fair and honest prices. Our American Classic Windows are available in two or three pane systems that provide a substantial R-Value. These are vinyl windows, insulated for maximum energy efficiency to save money on your energy bills. Plus, our installers are pros at what they do! Sure, it may take a few extra hours to get the job done, but we’ve never had a complaint because air tight windows and a trouble free operation is well worth an extra hour or two! That’s the Precision difference!

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