QUALITY Replacement Window Installation is CRUCIAL to Energy Efficient Windows

We all know that old windows are leaky windows. This means that in the hot summer months your air conditioned air is leaking out the window. In the cold winter months, your heated air is leaking out the window. Replacing your old and leaky windows is not only a great way to start saving on your energy bills, it’s a great way to make a smart investment. Energy efficient vinyl windows can help save you money on your heating or cooling bills, while adding value to your home as long as you choose Energy Star certified windows. Research shows that investing in energy efficient windows will bring you back a great ROI. (Return on investment.) Expect to get back around 80% of what you put in!

Windows are the biggest energy wasters you have in your home. That is IF you have old, leaky windows. The bottom line is that old, leaky windows are costing you money. Old windows simply cannot keep your cooled air inside in the summer and your warm air inside in the winter. Yes, this is why your house is uncomfortable all year long! Whether you’re replacing the old windows in your home or building a new home, you’ll benefit from installing our American Classic Windows. Precision’s beautiful replacement vinyl windows are available in two or three pane systems that provide a substantial R-Value, which = energy savings.

Here at Precision Home Products, you can count on high quality products, with professional replacement window installation. While we believe it’s important to invest in a high quality product, we also believe it’s important to choose a company that EXCELS at replacement window installation. If you don’t you will NOT get energy efficient windows. You will have gaps and leaks and that adds up to money thrown OUT THE WINDOW. All of our guys have been with us for years and go through extensive training. We believe they are the BEST in the industry and will make sure you have a trouble free operation, and windows that are air tight! Our TOP NOTCH installation means you will get energy efficient windows that WILL lower your monthly energy bills. That’s the Precision difference!

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