If your windows are old, leaky, and just plain inefficient, there is NOTHING smart about holding onto them! Trust me, you are not saving yourself any money by keeping them. Inefficient windows are leaky and they are the biggest reason why your house is either hot in the summer or cold in the winter. Here at Precision Home Products, our energy efficient windows are extremely high quality and provide a substantial R-Value. If you’re in the market for new replacement windows for your home, you’re about to make an extremely smart investment. Studies show that you can expect an 80% ROI, (return on investment!) That means you can enjoy your investment and lower energy bills and get back around 80% of what you put in! That’s a remarkable ROI and most home improvements DO NOT give you that kind of return. Not EVEN close.

If you are looking for a classic window that is extremely versatile, our Double Hung windows, are a great choice that will never go out of style and are incredibly functional. They are designed to open from the top or the bottom. The top sash slides down and the lower sash slides up. Single hung windows look similar, but only the lower sash opens. Another convenient benefit of our Double Hung Windows is that they are designed for ease of cleaning. Both the upper and lower sashes tilt in. This means that you can clean the outsides of upper story windows from the inside.

Our Double Hung windows are one of our most popular home windows. ALL of our windows are made with extremely durable materials so you can feel confident your windows will look great for years to come. Precision Home Products is proud to be considered one of the trusted leaders in the industry. The way we do business is simple. We offer the highest quality products at reasonable prices. Energy efficient windows, top notch installers and fair and honest prices. That’s the Precision difference!

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