Understanding How Double Hung Windows Differ from Single Hung Windows

When in the market for new replacement windows, plan to make some decisions. Not only are you going to have to choose a window company, you are going to have to choose a window style. Here at Precision, we carry the highest quality replacement windows in the industry. Our entire selection includes Double Hung, single hung, awning, bay, bow, sliders, picture, garden, etc. No matter what window style you choose, if it has the Precision name on it, you are guaranteed quality. So how do you make a good decision on what style of window is right for you? First of all, it’s crucial that you choose a trusted and respected company with years of experience. Here at Precision Home Products, we are that company. Just ask any of our thousands of satisfied customers.

Let’s discuss two of our most sought after windows. Single hung windows and Double hung windows. So how do Double Hung Windows differ from Single Hung Windows? Great question. In a nutshell, Single hung windows are probably the most standard window style that is used in new construction, apartment buildings and office buildings. Single hung windows have a bottom panel, or sash, that moves vertically. The upper sash however remains stationary. One reason that Single Hung windows are so popular is the fact that they are economical. While single hung windows are definitely cheaper, than Double Hung windows, there are definitely some benefits to Double Hung windows. Ventilation is a big reason Double Hung windows are a better choice. On single hung windows, only the lower sash opens and that results in limited ventilation. Try to avoid Single Hung windows in bathrooms because you need more ventilation in a bathroom and when you don’t have it, you will most likely have a moisture and mold problem to deal with.

Double Hung windows provide much better ventilation because you are able to open each sash, instead of just the bottom sash. This results in much better ventilation and air flow. You will also love the fact that cleaning Double Hung windows is much easier than cleaning a Single Hung Window because you are able to open and tilt in each sash. So to recap, Single Hung windows are less expensive than Double Hung windows. However, in the long run you will probably not have to deal with many of the costly issues associated with Single Hung windows. Remember, no matter what window style you choose, your most important decision is choosing an experienced and respected company. We here at Precision, are that company and we’d love the opportunity to show you our fleet of high quality replacement windows.


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